How To Customize


Its easy to customize with your own personalization in the form of text, image or both. Once you complete your customization you can save or share your work with others or Add to Cart.

IMAGES - You can either upload your own black/white line art images or utilize our growing library of stock images. Please keep in mind, only black/white line art style images will work for laser etching and engraving purposes.

Please do not upload images restricted by copywrite such as sports teams, cartoon characters etc.

TEXT - You can have text only or combine text with your image. You can also have as many text areas as you like as long as they will fit in the print area. We have an assortment of popular fonts for you to choose from. We are adding new fonts all the time. If there is a special font you would like, please feel free to let us know.



I'd like to purchase, but my logo image is not showing correctly, can you fix it?


In most cases yes, simply email the following;

1. Your high resolution file or files

2. Your email address login name


Our email address is


We will convert your logo if possible to a compatible format. You will be notified via email when the image has been added to your "GALLERY" for use.

What type of image files can I upload?

Vector is preferred and any of the following vector scalable file extension types should work; *.eps, *.svg, and *.ai


If vector is not available, then raster will also work, however the file must be large and high resolution to offer the best sharpness possible.


Any of the following raster file extension types should work; *.jpg, *.bmp, *.png


PNG files are the most preferred raster image file format used, especially for use on the web. PNG images can have transparent background which means they can be placed over color backgrounds, unlike a JPEG image.

My image has several colors in it, will that be a problem?


Sometimes colors in a logo image will convert correctly and sometimes not. For best results, your image should be black and white with logo black and background white.

My logo is black and white, but there is alot of different shading in certain areas?

Laser marking in most cases requires solid coverage. Your logo may need to be modified to yield the best result. Send your logo to and we will let you know what can be done.

Can I upload a photograph?

We do not offer laser engraving services on drinkware utilizing photographs at this time.