Firearm Engraving

Laser engraving your firearm is quoted on a case by case basis. Everyone's  Firearm is someway different as is the artwork they would like to have engraved. The process usually starts with an email image of the firearm, graphic file to be engraved and desired location. Not all graphics engrave well in their original form and require editing and final conversion to a file format the laser understands. Surface Etching - is usually for more intricate drawing with fine lines. Please be advised than surface etching is only on the surface and re coating the firearm at a later time will render the etching virtually invisible. Deep Engraving  - is more suited to graphics with thick bold lines and solids or when coating with Cerakote is involved. Please feel free to browse our firearm engraving and Cerakote gallery.



Our facility is located 10 minutes North of Downtown Houston or about 3 miles north of the 610 Loop. Depending on the various projects we are working on any given day, we have multiple shops on the property where we may be. Most of the time we are at our main engraving location which is 6200 N. Shepherd. However we encourage customers to call ahead before dropping off their firearm to be engraved. Need directions or phone number? Please follow the link to our contact information and map to our facility. In addition to your firearm(s), please bring; - State Drivers License - Please email your graphic ahead of time or have available on your phone to email while here



If mailing your firearm, please include the following information; - Clear photo copy of your state Drivers License or ID - Your Email Address - Your Daytime Phone - Please email your graphic ahead of time - Location to be engraved Once we received your firearm we will send your a follow up email to confirm the artwork location, text and any required changes to insure the desired outcome of the engraving.