Custom Knife Engraving

If you are interested in laser engraving your knife or quantity of knives, please review the types of laser engraving below and use the Knife Engraving Price Request form link above for quantity pricing.


What’s the difference between all the types of laser marking, etching, engraving, annealing, ablation, etc.?


Technically, most of the time, we laser “etch” the knife if lasering on the blade, then darken with annealing. We can also engrave to add depth and feel, but there are limits due to material thickness. However, depending on the knife's blade material, blade thickness, coating, our method will vary widely as to the type of laser process we use.


Laser etching or annealing does not have depth (it is a permanent mark on the surface in a light tone-on-tone bright or black, or if the blade is coated with a dark coating, the laser etching (ablation) comes out silver). 

Laser engraving has depth – and is possible on blades depending on thickness as well as wood handles.

Can you engrave on the wood knife handle?

The short answer is yes. We have some of the highest resolution lasers made to get the best possible results.


Can we mix types of laser engraving?

Yes, and we can discuss that option to give the engraving a special contrast or feel if needed. 


What does it cost to etch, anneal or engrave a knife?


Pricing depends on several factors, quantity, and coatings along with various materials the knives are made of and whether all the knives are exactly alike for set up mounting. When we set up a job to engrave your knives, we make an alignment and leveling fixture to hold them secured and level/aligned properly. We understand the urge to purchase a variety of different knives, but that could have cost issues. If you purchase knives of various lengths, coating, and thicknesses, we may have to change the holding fixture to accommodate the different designs. Changing the setup for each knife design requires time and will increase your cost.


What about character count and logos?


We don’t have a character limit fee (the price includes whatever fits on the engraving area – no extra charge if over a certain number of letters). Includes text, logos, clipart – whatever you want to laser.


What if I want multiple engraving locations per knife?


Additional locations (like the 2nd side of the blade, handle, or secondary areas outside the lasers field) will add to the cost and require a custom quote to price.


We customize hundreds of knives every year – from 1 or 2 for groomsmen knives or gifts for your boss, to hundreds at a time for corporate giveaways and customer appreciation gifts. What better way to say "Thank You" than with a quality, personalized knife that will be kept, used sharpened, and used again for decades to come?