Posted by Red Bolt Laser on 25th Apr 2022

If your searching for engraving near me, look no further, you've discovered one of Houston's best engraving shops. In short, if the material is laser engraving compatible, we can engrave it Houston!

Red Bolt Laser Engraving is a locally owned, complete full spectrum laser marking company. We offer engraving and etching services serving the engraving needs of the general public, companies and organizations. Our laser engraving services range from personalization of individual items to branding mass produced items.

What does full spectrum laser engraving actually mean? Well, lasers are like any shop tool, there is no single tool to do everything and lasers are no different. In order to engrave or etch on any material, the material requires a specific frequency, speed and power to laser efficiently and in turn yield a positive result.

Most laser engraving services purchase a single laser and stop, thinking that the one laser will do it all. Having a single laser to laser everything, well, that never ends well.

At Red Bolt Laser however, are constantly upgrading our laser equipment to the latest technology. Choosing a laser engraving service that offers full spectrum capability ensures the best outcome to your laser engraving project. As the old saying goes, if you hire someone with only a hammer, a hammer will be their solution for everything.

What types of material can we engrave or etch? Well the list is for the most part is endless, however here are a few examples of the type of laser engraving services we offer daily at Red Bolt Laser.

A picture equals a thousand words, so lets get started...

Custom tumblers for your organization. Great for customer and employee appreciation gifts. We even offer reseller options to sell in their online stores or gift shops.

If you have any questions please feel free to call or shoot us an email. We look forward to seeing you soon! The time has come for big brands and small businesses alike to get creative with their advertising campaigns using customized promotional products that not only grab attention but also promote brand awareness and loyalty among customers and clients who use them every day.

We can't say it enough, showing employees how much you appreciate them and their hard work are a great moral booster.

We offer laser engraving services for small and large quantity knife engraving orders. These laser engraved SOG Flash II Knives were lasered on the black coated blades. How did we do it? We lasered off the black coating to reveal the underlying bright steel.

Did you ever receive an individual knife from someone you love?I still remember the moment my Grandfather handed me my first pocket knife.My name was engraved on the blade and with the one present he created an experience that will last for a lifetime.Customized knives make wonderful presents for Dads, Grads, Sons, Grandfathers, Groomsmen or a Groomsman.If you're looking to have a custom knife made, take a look at Red Bolt Laser Engraving.We specialize in engraving knife blades that ore bare metal or even coated. We can also engrave on the handle.

Laser anneal marked CRKT 2940 Squid knives. In order to laser engrave these knives, there was initially a lot of testing to ensure the customers logo would be at its highest quality. Once we optimized the logo, the laser mark was annealed to the surface of the steal yielding a rich permanent black mark.

Happy Birthday! Etched Tequila Ocho bottles for the special day. Custom engraved tequila bottles are an excellent wedding gift or party favor. Personalized tequila makes the best margaritas and will make a lasting impression for any event. Personalized bottles are more impressive than an ordinary store-bought bottle and are a great way to show off your business logo or event name. Go big or go home! These etched tequila bottles were a 750ml capacity, which allowed plenty of space to be engraved along the vertical side.

Make your bottle gift giving awesome with a laser engraved full-color filled company logo. Angel's Envy Bourbon is finished in Port Wine Barrels with a personal engraved message will surely stand out. This is the perfect gift for a special occasion! Personalizing your message is an innovative way to give a unique personal touch. Combining text and logos in an entirely customizable, long-form of engraving. An engraved bottle is bound to impress customers, or to express gratitude for the many years of employee dedication and service.

Happy Birthday! An etched wine bottle for that special day. Custom personalized engraved wine bottles are an excellent wedding gift or party favor. Wine from personalized wine bottles just seems to taste better and will make a lasting impression with that special person or for any event. Personalized bottles are more impressive than an ordinary store-bought bottles and are a great way to show off your business logo or event name.

In terms of personalized gifts, wine bottles with engraving as well as champagne bottles are as good as they get! red Bolt Laser Engraving specializes in champagne and wine bottle engraving. Our engraving method varies depending on the bottle. One method begins by wrapping the bottle with a special laser tape. We then laser-etch your design on the bottle using the tape to shield the surrounding glass. Once laser etched, we sandblast the bottle to give it a elegant and sophisticated appearance. We personalize wine bottles for private parties or weddings, anniversary's corporate clients, and anyone seeking to create an unforgettable impression. Personalized wine bottles with engraved engraving make excellent closing gifts for mortgage brokers and realtors. They are great housewarming gifts, too. Contact us today to discuss your customized wine bottle engraving needs. There's something very special when you receive a custom-engraved bottle to mark special occasions the recipient won't soon forget!

We can etch on leather or synthetic leather. These laser etched leatherette business folders with customer monograms turned out beutiful and the customer loved them.

Deep laser etched Mercer Magnetic Wood Knife Boards with company logo.

Did you know you can order direct from Amazon or other store and drop ship the order to us for personalization. Well you can. We will give your project the attention to detail it deserves. One-on-one customer service can make the difference in your projects outcome. 

Laser-etched Tiffany & Company 13 oz. stemmed crystal wine glasses. Red Bolt Laser can laser etch in heirloom-quality Tiffany wine glasses with our high-resolution state-of-the-art lasers.

Our glass laser etching ranges from simple surface etching to deep abrasive carving to the high art of etching blown glass. Call us today or email and let us know about your projects requirements, you will find we offer outstanding quality and attention to detail to ensure your project is a success.

Custom laser-etched 13 oz. high ball glasses. Laser engraving glasses and drinkware are our specialties. We can either provide the glassware or it can be provided by you the customer. We offer small batch laser engraving as well as bulk wholesale glass etching services. Where do you find the best glass laser engraving? Red Bolt Laser of course!

We offer a wide range of high resolution laser equipment to mark metal material such as aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, inconel, brass, tungum and other metals. We can also laser away paint and coatings such as Cerakote, enamels, powder coating and anodization as well from coated metal surfaces.

Need your machine parts marked with serial numbers, PO's or REV identification? Drop by our shop or email your part specifications and quantity for pricing.

We can laser mark practically anything! Even synthetics such as PVC, plastics, polyethylene, polyurethane, polycarbonate and acrylics. We also have the capability to laser and CNC tool cut multiple types of material including foam and other materials.

Customer-provided acrylic display stands we laser etched with their product information for an upcoming convention. The laser-etched acrylic display stand is a sleek and modern way to show off your product. We can custom etch plexiglass and other types of cast or extruded acrylic to your specifications so that you'll have something stunning to display mount your new product! Always remember, you never get a second chance to make a great first impression.

Custom-designed personalization on the lid of your YETI, RTIC, Amazon, or other rotomolded coolers. Your rotomolded cooler will be custom laser personalized based on your needs whether it be a slogan, club, or company logo. Our marking process is via laser which yields a durable permanent mark by changing the color of the rotomolded cooler's actual material. A personalized rotomolded cooler makes a great gift even better and promotes company awareness through branding. For instance, if a business wants to provide gifts to their employees, commemorate years of service, thank your presents for their customers, or even a fundraiser or other event. We can design and customize your coolers to meet your business or organization's requirements.

Wow! That's a long list and just a fraction of the many different projects we take in on daily basis.

How can we be of service in your next project? Email, text or give us a call today. Contact Us