Posted by Red Bolt Laser on 28th Mar 2022

We engrave bottles! Check out our ever growing website for gift giving inspiration, and brand new bottles of whiskey, wine, tequila and Champagne that we can customize with your message. Custom engraving on a liquor bottle is a gift that will be treasured for years to come. The idea of having a personalized bottle is timeless. Once you've decided on the best style and shape liquor bottle to engrave, now comes the task of what to engrave on the glass bottle or bottles. Depending on the occasion, your corporate or organization engraving ideas will vary. This article will focus on the various types of company or organization related bottle engraving projects we have encountered here at Red Bolt engraving.

Who selects Red Bolt as their source for bottle engraving? You'll find a few famous companies and individuals in the following examples. A few examples include custom etched tequila bottles for Jim Crane owner of the Houston Astros and his management team as well as a single 1.75 Liter bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label for NBC Director of Sunday Night Football and Super Bowl LVI 2022, Drew Esocoff.

The brainstorming process of what will etch best starts with a general idea of what you want on the bottle. From that point forward, we adjust artwork and discuss placement. In the end, you'll say, as our many satisfied customers have said, "wow, these turned out great!".

Go big or go home! Milwaukee Tool 2021 laser etched Texas 1835 Bourbon Whisky Bottles.

This group of Appleton Estate Jamaican Rum bottles were etched in a simple text.

DHS badge etched Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack Whisky Bottles. This badge engraving was drawn from the customers actual badge from scratch for this bottle engraving project. The bottles offered a fantastic large area to engrave this departments Homeland Security badge in full detail.

Clear bottles with clear alcohol like these Tequila bottles always offer a challenge to get the best amount of contrast possible between the logo and the bottle background. These bottles were given out as customer appreciation glass etched Uno Por Favor Tequila Blanco bottles with custom company logo and website.

Customer appreciation glass etched Woodford Reserve whiskey bottles with custom company logo and website domain. This group of Woodforest bottles offered an ideal area to showcase the customers logo with excellent contrast with the bottle.

For engraving of your valuable bottled spirits, trust Red Bolt Laser for all your glass etching needs. Just completed, an engraving on a 1.75-liter bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotch Whisky for NBC Director of Sunday Night Football and Super Bowl LVI 2022, Drew Esocoff. Red Bolt Laser offers some of the best quality and highest resolution glass etching in the country.

Customer appreciation glass etched Patron Tequila Silver bottles with custom company logo. The Patron bottles have a slight texture to their surface, but it didnt stop this project from turning out great.

Customer appreciation glass carved/etched and paint filled whiskey bottles with company logo. We just finished this batch of Angels Envy Whiskey Bottles. We engraved and abrasive etched each bottle and hand painted the glass carving with the company colors. Though the paint looks fully dry and cured, it will still take a few more days. This is why it is so important to order early for the season or special event. We can engrave your logo on many different types of bottles. When you select a wine, whiskey / whisky, tequila or other type liquor decanter or bottle, make sure there is a suitable area for your logo. Before you purchase your alcohol, please call our shop to ensure your choice will fit in our laser for etching.

Custom etched Flecha Azul Tequila bottles for Jim Crane owner of the Houston Astros and his management team.

Custom deep laser etched and paint-filled Royal Crown Extra Rare bottle for a retirement gift. This retirement gift was deep etched and color filled with gold, silver and teal to match the company logo.