Posted by Red Bolt Laser on 6th May 2022

Tiffany & Company Wine Glasses and Champagne Flutes are among some of the most highly prized glass drinkware items on the market today. In most cases Tiffany & Co. glasses are purchased to commemorate a special occasion, event or mile stone in life.

But there is something more that could make Tiffany & Co. glassware even more special, custom personalization. Your custom name, monogram or wedding day can all be memorialized with glass etching. Personalization makes it truly yours to cherish for a lifetime and generations to come.

But wait, aren't Tiffany crystal glasses is very thin, how is engraving this fine glass possible while avoiding breakage?

Let's go back to the original question, can Tiffany wine glasses and champagne flutes be engraved? The short answer, yes, and with amazing detail. You will no doubt find stories on the internet stating that engraving Tiffany glass will end in disaster or that it is not possible. This is simply not the case, and here is why....

Put simply, the engraver must have the right laser etching equipment for the job. Red Bolt laser has special high resolution lasers that will etch your Tiffany glassware in heirloom quality perfection. Successful etching boils down to the proper laser equipment and expertise of the laser technician.

How much does laser etching cost? Are you as expensive as Tiffany's?

Our pricing to etch your Tiffany & Co. wine or champagne flutes is significantly less than Tiffany's. Not only are we more competitive in pricing, we also have a broader range of customization options to make your glassware even more unique and special.

We will be glad to get you a price on your very own custom etching. However, because each etching is unique, we ask that you complete this easy price request form. Once we receive your price request, we will email you a price.

Feel free to contact us, call, email or bring your Tiffany glassware directly to our shop. We hope to hear from you soon and make your Tiffany & Company Wine Glass or Champagne Flute customization a reality.